My name is Alexander Sentcha.  I have been working with computers since 1980 and have over 19 professional years in the IT field focusing on PLC control, architecture and technology strategy.


17 Responses to “About”

  1. Kenan SATIR Says:

    Dear Alexander,

    Thank you for sharing documents and information about Saia PLC-PCD devices.

    Greetings from Istanbul

  2. bhanderi Says:

    dear sir,

    Thanks you for sharing knowlage and i want to help about
    we can create hmi interface using java ?
    java RTS or java FX or javaBens what is?

    bhanderi dhanji

    • alexsentcha Says:

      Hi Dhanji
      I understand the question is not fully. Is that interface with PLC? If you want to visualize processes in the PLC, you should look for possibilities of WEB server of the PLC. Every PC has the WEB tool. Or you can create your own HTML pages with Java or JavaFX applets.
      Example with Allen Bradley PLC: Create XML file and place it in directory of the WEB server, WEB server update variables, with javascript read these variables and give to JavaFX applets in the HTML page.

  3. Jan Landewers Says:

    Geacht heer Sentcha,

    Na enig onderzoek of het internet vond ik uw site met daarin enige aangepaste blokken van het WinCC pakket. Op een project waar ik nu mee bezig ben maak ik ook gebruik van de faceplates van het siemens BST project. Hierbij wordt er gebruik gemaakt van een analoog aangestuurde klep, de BST_Sipart komt hier niet goed mee weg. Ik denk dat u daar de CValve voor heeft ontwikkeld.

    Graag zou ik gebruik willen maken, van de door u aangepaste, ontwikkelde faceplates en PDL’s

    Hopende op een reactie

    Met vriendelijke groet

    Jan Landewers

    RTP Electrotechniek

    • alexsentcha Says:

      Geachte heer Jan Landewers,
      Tijdens ontwikkelen van project, BST-Sipart en BST_ANALOG en algemeen BST template blokken waren gebruikt als templates. Functionaliteit van BST-Sipart was weggehaald en van BST_ANALOG was toegevoegd. Dit project was tijd geleden gemaakt en ik weet het niet of deze source van het blok is volledig goed is. Ik heb WinCC faceplate source toegevoegd.

  4. Sudhakara Hoblidar Says:

    Hi Alexander Sentcha,

    i have come across your blog, very interesting.

    I would like to know whether if any option available for creating Siemens Step 7 program by external interface using VB or Java or .Net. i.e Creating the Programming elements and structure in the Step 7 tool by external interface.

    Hope you are able to understand my query.

    Thanks in advance


  5. david Says:

    I have a question about exchanging data with Siemens PLC and Android device using Java libraries. Is it possible to connect to s7-1200? It is not listed in description.

  6. Vedat ERMIS Says:

    Dear Sir.

    i want to control Siemens 12/24RCE with c# or VB.NET but i cant do it. have you got any sample source about Read, Write flags, inputs and outputs

    thank you so much

  7. Bagoly Levente Says:

    You are incredible, man! Keep up the good work!
    Best regards,

  8. Patrick Says:

    Can it be used for communication with the logo 0BA7?

  9. Marcin Sareło Says:

    I have a problem with the s200, so I try to connect using the library (via Java) and get the following exception while reading data:
    Interface.write: java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: socket
    Full stack is the same as:
    Do You know what is wrong? When I try use PLCCom (http://www.indi-an.de/ ) with the same ip, rack and slot everything works properly.
    Best regards and I hope to help
    Marcin Sareło

  10. vu Says:

    thanks you

  11. cth2014 Says:

    sorry for bothering, but I didn,t people who help me about visual net , control net inside wincc, Can you help me?

  12. Michael Says:

    Hello Alex, I have tried your JavaFx2NoDaveTest project but for some reason I can not get a connection to my S7 (PN) what could be wrong?

  13. cirilo capriel Says:

    hi dear, I love you, please can you tell me how can exchange data with plc allen bradley with android, please help me, God bless you

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